The story of HANGAR66

About US.

Our dream is to create a unique dining experience in the UAE that integrates creative architecture space with authentic local food and first class service. With the advance of technology and social media our exposure as individuals is growing every new day, we are looking continuously looking forward for delicious food that combine our traditional food with new global flavors.


The story of
our journey until this day.

HANGAR66 started in September 2017, founded by 3 engineers with a passion for food and aiming to realise something unique together. Serving mainly authentic household recipes, the restaurant increased as news of its quality food spread among the residents of Abu Dhabi. With a total of more than 270 seating capacity, HANGAR66 continues to attract not only the local residents but visitors of the UAE as well.

Although we see a rise in the number of eateries in the area, we have succeeded to create someting special. HANGAR66, New Dining Experience

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