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Our Menu

Whether you join us for lunch or dinner, we are always serving the best of the traditional Arabic dishes, same like in home kitchen for your friends and family. Our menu is inspired by unique recipes that we love to enjoy together with you.

* Prices and items are subject to change.



Just open your phone camera and scan the QR Code

Just open your phone camera and scan the QR Code

Presenting the best
Soups & Salads from our kitchen

Chicken Soup
Lentil Soup
Taboulet Amirah
Fatouch Thoraya
Al Mussafah Salad
Rocka Zaatar Salad
HANGAR66 Salad
Ceasar Salad

One cannot think well or sleep well, if one has not dined well.


Enjoy special Cold Mezze,
hand-made & with fresh ingredients

Hummus Al Jabal
Hummus Beiruty
Moutabal Sitti
Labneh Mint
Warak 3enab
Lubieh Bil Zeit
Bamyeh Bil Zeit
Hummus HANGAR66

Enjoy our delicious Hot Mezze,
meant to unite people around the table in a spirit of sharing.

Hummus meat
Qalayet Banadoura
Borghol Bel Banadoura
Grilled Halloumi
Chicken Liver
Fried Kebbeh
Kebbeh bin Laban
Foul Modammas
Makanek El M3alem
Sojok El Rayes
Potato Harrah
Fatteh Hummus
Fatteh Al Ghanouje
Fatteh Meat & Cauliflower
Falafel HANGAR66

Experience our Sawanee Dishes,
the total pleasure of mindful eating.

Chicken Potato
Lamb Meat Stroganoff
Kafta Bel Banadoura
Kafta Sesame Paste
Grilled Vegetables

From the Grill, Serious Eats.

Mixed Grill
Meat Arayes
HANGAR66 Mixed Grill
Four Seasons Dish


Chef Ibrahim's Dishes. No comment.

Emirati Meat Salonah
Chicken Grilled Breast
Tender Veal with Mashed Potato
Stuffed Zucchini
HANGAR66 Wagyu Burger
HANGAR66 Filet Mignon Steak (420 gr)
HANGAR66 Lamb Chops


Our Desserts. If you have some space left.

Cotton Candy IceCream
HANGAR66 Sweets
Rice Milk